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We know how important buying a new property can be and we do everything we can to make sure you are aware of the true condition of the property you are going to buy. Many different factors set us apart from our competitors.


We make sure that you get the most accurate and precise results in the form of a well-organized and detailed home inspection report.


We know how to gain the trust of our clients by providing the most excellent and reliable home inspection services.


Beyond Inspections Service ensures accountability and proper quality assurance to make sure you stay 100% satisfied with our services.

Free Infrared Imaging Scans

Get free infrared imaging scans with Beyond Inspections Service. Our trained and experienced home inspectors are equipped with thermal imaging devices to allow us to track heat signatures in your home.

3 Day Guarantee

To ensure that you are completely satisfied, Beyond Inspections Service Inc. offers a remarkable 3-day guarantee so you know you can trust us.

Detailed Inspection Reports

The best thing about our home inspectors is the attention they pay to the details. Want to know how in-depth we are? Check out our sample reports!

We Guarantee Excellence, Precision, and Quality Assurance

In Albuquerque and Santa Fe, our home inspectors are known for providing top-notch home inspection services. We ensure our reports are always trustworthy and thorough. When you hire us, rest assured that you will receive nothing but perfection, efficiency, and professionalism. Schedule a home inspection with us today and find out why we’re the best!

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you want to buy a house or are simply living in one, ordering a home inspection is the best way to know about the condition of the house. A typical home inspection will let you know about all the details including the working of your HVAC systems, the stability of the house’s structure, and the condition of the components of the house.

Many home inspection organizations forbid the inspectors from giving the estimate of the repair costs or recommending the client to hire a specific company for repairs. This is why the inspector will avoid telling you anything about the repair costs.

All our inspectors are licensed and insured and uphold the highest professional and ethical standards. Beyond Inspections Service is also a training partner of InterNACHI. Our home inspectors hold certifications from the following home inspection organizations:

  • Inter­national Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI)
  • Licensed with the State of New Mexico

Yes. Beyond Inspections Service goes Beyond your expectations! Giving you detailed reports, timely service and great customer care along the way. Our home inspections also include free infrared imaging scans to all clients.

Yes. We provide duct camera inspection services to our clients who want their ducts fully inspected to make sure they are not dirty or clogged. Our inspectors record a high-quality video using a small camera attached to a rod to check the condition of ducts from inside.

The sooner you can order an inspection, the better. Delaying a home inspection will only cause problems for you. Usually, a clause is written in the contract that gives you the right to withdraw from the deal in case the inspection report turns out to be full of flaws defects. If your contract doesn’t have that clause, you should talk to your real estate agent about it and order the inspection as soon as you get the right to do that.

It is not possible to decide on a fixed cost for standard home inspections. The cost of a home inspection can differ based on many different factors. Each home inspection company has different price plans. Moreover, the size of the house, its location, the area it is situated in, and the age of the house can all either increase or decrease the cost of home inspection. If you want to get a quote, call us at (505) 780-8132.

Your home inspection report will include both safety hazards and less critical cosmetic issues. It is best to have a conversation with your real estate broker about items needing repair and the potential cost of repairs. In addition, the home inspection report does not comment on code violations, a licensed specialist (i.e. a plumber or electrician) is needed to evaluate those.

No. It is considered ethically and professionally wrong for home inspectors to provide repair services to their clients. Therefore, after the inspection, our home inspectors will not be able to assist you with the repairs. You must call a professional repair guy instead.

Yes. We recommend all our clients to attend the home inspection so that they can ask any questions they have directly to our inspector during a home inspection. This way you will be able to understand the inspection process and the extent of damages and defects that your house may have.

Contrary to what you may think, many new houses also have hidden structural and componential damages that can cause serious problems for you in the future. Many times inspectors find defects in the electrical system, plumbing system, and HVAC systems that can make it hard for you to live inside the house.

Sellers often order an inspection before placing their house on the market. Such a service is called a pre­listing home inspection. Pre­listing inspections allow the seller to address any issues in the house prior to sale and help the sale proceed smoothly.

If you want to hire our home inspection services, you can contact us by calling us at (505) 780-8132

6 Ways We Go Above and Beyond

Beyond Inspections Service is a One-Stop-Shop for All Your Needs


Experienced Professionals

Our inspectors are well-known for their exceptional abilities and dedication. All our inspectors are highly skilled professionals with hundreds of inspections under their belts. Their experience ensures that your inspection is completed quickly and precisely.


Best Prices

We take pride in our work, but we also value integrity. This is why we will never take advantage of you. We provide our clients with the most accurate results at the most reasonable prices.


Fast, Efficient Reports

We send all of our reports electronically, allowing you to swiftly resolve any issues and prevent further property damage. Our reports also feature a Repair Request Builder for our real estate agents to quickly request repairs and concessions.


Trustworthy Inspections

Beyond Inspections Service Inc. serves all our clients with impartial and reliable home inspection reports. Because we don’t provide maintenance services, there will never be a conflict of interest. Our sole priority is to give you all the information you need.


Effortless and Swift Work

Because of our experience, our skilled home inspectors work swiftly and efficiently, and can handle any situation without causing you any inconvenience. Our inspections are faster and more efficient, without sacrificing quality or details.


Wide Range of Services

Beyond Inspections Service is here with so many services to help you gain peace of mind, and we don’t just stop with residential inspections. We also offer commercial and construction inspections!