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Beyond Inspections Service

Your Most Reliable Companion for Home Inspections

Beyond Inspections Service is a One-Stop-Shop for All Your Needs

Beyond Inspections Service is here with so many additional services that can help you gain peace of mind by making sure that your house is in good condition.

Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection

Termites are small but harmful to the structural integrity of the house. These insects survive by devouring wood that your house is made of. You wouldn’t want them to eat away your house’s foundation. We can assist you in detecting these little insects in time before things get serious.

Mold Inspection

Mold may appear to be nothing more than a filthy stain on the wall, it is so much more than that. Mold spores can cause a variety of allergic reactions including fever, congestion, sneezing, rashes, and hives. As a result, it's critical to somehow get rid of mildew as quickly as possible. It is most commonly found in damp areas and places with a poor ventilation system.

Radon Testing

We all know how dangerous radon gas can be for our loved ones as it has the potential to cause serious diseases like lung cancer. Our inspectors usually begin radon testing from the lowest level of your commercial building. This is because the lowest level of building usually has the highest radon levels. Your Beyond Inspection Inspector will detect radon levels by using modern technology and techniques to make sure you get the most accurate results.

Residential Inspection

When it comes to residential property inspections Albuquerque and Santa Fe are covered by Beyond Inspections Service. We are well-known among clients for being highly thorough and detailed. You may believe that the property you are about to buy or the one you currently reside in is safe and without flaws, but this is rarely the case. A home inspection will find and reveal hidden defects and damages that could lead to a slew of future issues.

Commercial Inspection

Purchasing a commercial property is a big decision. So, we understand how important it is for you to get a thorough and reliable commercial property inspection before signing the final documents. Beyond Inspections Service commercial building inspectors conduct excellent commercial property inspections that guarantee a detailed report of the condition of the property you’re about to purchase.

Sewer Inspection

Beyond Inspections Service inspection makes sure you stay carefree by providing excellent sewer scope inspection to all the clients in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Contrary to what you may think, sewage scope inspections are quite essential when it comes to staying healthy and comfortable inside the house. This is because no one likes to deal with sewage backup and clogged drains. Such occurrences can not only disturb your daily life but also have a bad impact on your health.

Duct Inspection

Beyond Inspections Service provides the most excellent services for checking the inner condition of the ducts by offering duct camera inspections to properly investigate everything in detail. This is the best way to inspect ducts as it allows a visual examination that provides all the details the inspector might need during an inspection.

Construction Inspection

We understand how tempting it is to buy or move into a freshly constructed home right away, but this is not a good option. It is preferable not to rush and to undergo a new building inspection to determine whether the house is safe to live in. Many individuals believe that a house must be in good shape only because it was built recently. That is not the case, and quick decisions might have long-term consequences.
_ Why Choose Us _

You Deserve the Best!

We know how important buying a new property can be and we do everything we can to make sure you are aware of the true condition of the property you are going to buy. Many different factors set us apart from our competitors. 

  • Accuracy: We make sure that you get the most accurate and precise results in the form of a well-organized and detailed home inspection report.
  • Reliability: We know how to gain the trust of our clients by providing the most excellent and reliable home inspection services. 
  • Accountability: Beyond Inspections Service  ensures accountability and proper quality assurance to make sure you stay 100% satisfied with our services. 
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    We Stand Out From the Crowd

    Experienced Professionals

    Our inspectors are well-known for their exceptional abilities and dedication. All our inspectors are highly skilled professionals with hundreds of inspections under their belts. Their experience ensures that your inspection is completed quickly and precisely.

    Best Prices

    We are really quite good at what we do, and we don’t take advantage of you. We provide our clients with the most accurate results at the most reasonable prices.

    Fast & Efficient

    We send sewer camera reports to clients electronically, allowing them to swiftly resolve issues and prevent further property damage.


    Beyond Inspections Service serves all clients with impartial and reliable home inspection reports. Because we do not provide maintenance services, there is no chance for a conflict of interest to sabotage the inspection. We provide our services in the most efficient and effective manner.

    Fast & Effortless

    Our skilled home inspectors can do the task swiftly and efficiently. Our experienced home inspectors can complete the inspection in less time. They know how to handle any situation without causing the homeowner any inconvenience.

    Best Results

    Our home inspectors use their house inspection experience to conduct a complete and comprehensive inspection to offer the most accurate results to our clients. Our inspectors have extensive training and expertise. It enables them to conduct a thorough and trustworthy house inspection.


    We understand how irritating it is for a client to pay exorbitant rates for routine services. We make assured that this does not happen to our clients. All our inspection services are cost-effective. To receive a quote for Beyond Inspections Service, please contact us.


    No matter what anyone thinks, certifications and experience matter a lot when it comes to conducting thorough home inspections. Our home inspectors are all highly qualified specialists with years of experience in the home inspection sector.

    We Guarantee Excellence, Precision, and Quality Assurance

    In Albuquerque and Santa Fe, our home inspectors are known for providing top-notch home inspection services. Our findings are always perfect and extremely trustworthy. If you employ our services, you can rest assured that you will receive nothing but perfection, efficiency, and professionalism. Nothing can stop you from having the best home inspection services from Beyond Inspections Service in New Mexico.


    All of our inspections come with a warranty. You'll get a warranty regardless of whether you need radon testing or a mold check. You have complete freedom to use the warranty whenever you want.

    3 Day Guarantee

    We understand that in today's world, you require guarantees in order to be completely happy with the services. To ensure that our clients are completely satisfied, Beyond Inspections Service offers a remarkable 3-day guarantee that you can trust with all your heart.

    Free Infrared Imaging Scans

    Get free infrared imaging scans with Beyond Inspections Service. Our trained and experienced home inspectors are equipped with thermal imaging devices that will not leave anything left for you to desire.

    Detailed Inspection Reports

    The best thing about our home inspectors is the attention they pay to the details. If you wish to verify the quality of our home inspection reports, you can visit this link to see our sample reports.
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