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Wood-destroying insects (WDI) may seem small but they can cause substantial damage to your house. You can save yourself from hefty damages and repairs by ordering our wood-destroying insects inspections to detect the presence of beetles, termites, ants, and other kinds of wood-destroying insects on time. The early detection of WDI can help protect your investment. This is the reason why the best decision you can make in such a situation is to hire Beyond Inspections Service inspections to examine your property and look for the signs of wood-eating and wood-destroying pests. Our inspectors will inspect the house and provide you with the most trustworthy and precise results in the form of an inspection report. 

These inspections are usually noninvasive and things such as furniture, storage objects, walls coverings, insulation, and shelvings are not removed or displaced during such inspections. The pest inspector observes the house from all angles and tries to find the signs of wood-destroying insect infestations. The signs may include shelter tubes, frass, holes, and all the other visible defects and damages that may indicate the presence of termites. Our inspectors usually find the presence of the following insects:

Carpenter bees
Wood Infesting Beetles
Carpenter Ants

WDI Inspection Cost

The cost of WDI inspection depends upon many factors such as the size of the property, your house’s location, and also the kind of foundation that your house has. The difference in cost occurs because usually, it takes more time to fully inspect a big and old house compared to the smaller and newer ones. 

Major Causes of WDI Infestation:

Timber Near The House

WDIs are usually attracted to wood since it is their primary source of sustenance. That is why having your home inspected at least once a year is an excellent idea. If the report reveals the presence of WDI, you can address the issue quickly and prevent future damage.

Excess of Moisture

The most common cause of wood-eating insect infestation so far is ‘moisture.’ In regions where there is a lot of moisture and mildew, these infestations are widespread. As a result, WDI can be found in a variety of places, including laundry rooms, basements, kitchens, and bathrooms. A WDI-friendly environment can be caused by broken pipes, leaks, clogged gutters, and an inefficient drainage system.

Plants & Flowers Near the House

Exposed timber, foliage, or plants near your home may cause pest infestations. Insects are attracted to cellulose, thus they will come to your house no matter what if the plants are nearby. This is why you should keep wood and greenery at least 28 inches away from your home. This way, termites as well as other insects will have a lot of trouble getting to your home’s foundation.


Wet air provides ideal breeding conditions for pests. It is possible to avoid pest infestations by trying to keep the air dry as well as circulating around the house. For such problems, electric fans are the most efficient solution. They aid in the removal of moisture from the air by keeping it dry. By maintaining enough ventilation in spaces such as restrooms, attics, and swimming pools, you may also avoid wetness.

WDI Prevention Tips

Here are some suggestions to help you avoid becoming infected with WDI:

If you were a bit careless in the past and now suspect that your house has a termite inspection Albuquerque, we can help you out by conducting a thorough WDI inspection to check the presence of termites and other pests in the house. 

Warning Signs & Indications

Termite Wings

Termites drop their wings after creating a new colony. The appearance of dislodged wings could indicate the presence of termites in your home.

Mud Tubes

Termites and also other wood-destroying insects commonly create mud tubes in the walls, flooring, and foundation of a home. These mud tubes are used to transport them from one location to another.

Sagging of Floors

Sagging or bulging floorboards, beams, and other wooden surfaces all through your home can indicate termite infestations. It usually happens at the end of the process, when the foundation has deteriorated to the point where it can no longer sustain the structure.

Insect Excrement

The excrement of pests can resemble coffee grounds or sawdust. It’s most common around baseboards, window frames, and door frames, though.

Untreated Mold

It is never a good idea to leave mold untreated inside the house. Not only can it cause allergies but it can also cause pest infestation in the house. It is one of the warning signs that indicate a termite infestation.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! in your fight against wood-destroying insects.

These insects are harmful, but they are not invincible. There are also a variety of techniques to secure your home from them. If you live in Albuquerque and suspect your home has these pesky little insects, call us right away to set up a wood-destroying insect inspection. All our inspectors are certified and trained individuals who leave no stone unturned to achieve the best results. We promise that you will enjoy our home inspection services and be entirely happy with the results.

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