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Beyond Inspections Service provides you with the highest level of service, from well water testing and electro-mechanical inspections to pressure testing. We're your one-stop shop for all your well-testing needs.

We offer all types of water quality testing and well water inspection services. Do you know if your well is working at optimal capacity? Maybe not, it’s essential to check on it now and then. Let us at Beyond Inspections Service take care of your well’s water and mechanical systems.

During a Beyond Inspections Service Inspection, our professional inspectors ensure your well meets state regulations and criteria. During an electro/mechanical well and water quality testing, our inspector ensures that all mechanical components of your well are in good condition and your well is holding water well. In addition, he will ensure that your well’s water is safe to drink.

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Why is well Water Inspection Important?

Well water inspections are necessary because they can prevent health hazards, save lives, and protect your loved ones.

When it comes to well water, quality is always a major concern. To properly maintain well systems, it is necessary to have regular well water tests performed. A well water test checks for pH levels, contaminants, or bacteria that would be present in the water or seeping in from the soil around it. Knowing if there is contamination in your well and what to do is essential.

Testing for contamination in wells is done by taking samples of the water and testing them with chemical reagents. We also employ other ways of testing, such as using a microscope or conducting laboratory water analysis.

How Often Should I Test My Well Water?

The quality of your well water is something that you need to test regularly. Our inspector tests the water at the tap and as well as the source of your well.

The testing frequency depends on how often you have to use your well water. If you are using it for drinking purposes, then it is recommended that you test it once a year. If you are using it for irrigation purposes, then it is recommended that you test it every three years. Regular testing is essential to

If your tests turn up contamination in your well, you need to take immediate action by either shutting down the well or treating it with disinfectants and other chemicals.

Along with a check for any contaminants, PH levels, Hardness, Alkalinity, and turbidity, which essentially means the cloudiness or clarity of the water, your water sample report includes the presence of minerals such as :

Iron (mg/L)
Fluoride (mg/L)
Potassium (mg/L)
Nitrate Nitrogen (mg/L)
Calcium (mg/L)
Magnesium (mg/L)
Sodium (mg/L)
Sodium Adsorption Ration (units)
Total Hardness (mg/L as CaCO3)
Sulfate (mg/L)
Total Dissolved Solids(mg/L)
pH (units)
Bicarbonate (mg/L)
Carbonate (mg/L)
Chloride (mg/L)
Total Alkalinity (mg/L as CaCo3)

*mg/L = Milligrams Per Liter or PPM

Why Choose Beyond Inspections Service Inspections?

Your peace of mind

Trust us to do the job right with our state-of-the-art equipment, skilled inspectors, and years of experience. When you trust Beyond Inspections Service Home Inspections with your home’s well water, you can feel confident that your family is safe from dangerous contaminants.

24/7 availability

We offer 24/7 on-site service for your convenience, so you can be assured that we’ll be there if anything goes wrong with the well water inspection or sampling process.

Quality, you can trust

Beyond Inspections Service provides the best quality service with state-of-the-art water testing equipment using our state-of-the-art well-water inspection process.

Affordable and convenient

Beyond Inspections Service offers everyone an affordable and convenient solution to their home or business needs, whether they’re looking for your well water to be tested or need to check its electrical system and functioning.

Start Testing Your Wells Today!

It is essential to check whether all mechanical components of your well are functioning well. To reduce the risk of well pump failures, it is necessary that water pressure does not fluctuate and is consistent throughout the day.

Fluctuating or inconsistent water pressure puts mechanical stress on well pumps, which leads to costly repairs and replacement.

Well-functioning inspections are a process that helps maintain a regular flow of water in a wells system. It also helps minimize the risk of pump failure. The following parts are checked during a mechanical inspection of your well:

Well hole and casing
Pressure tank
Well cap
Submersible pump or jet pump
Electrical wiring (where applicable)
Valves and pressure gauge
Control box
Pressure tank
We are full-service water testing inspection company in Albuquerque that provides expert advice for all your well repair needs.
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