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Radon is a poisonous gas that cannot be detected without special equipment since it is not visible to the naked eye. You can neither taste nor smell it.  The decay of radioactive elements like uranium causes the emission of this gas which then enters the house through cracks and holes in the foundation. Exposure to radon over an extended period of time can cause lung cancer. When radon gas is inhaled, it breaks down into tiny radioactive components known as radon progeny, which can lodge in the lungs and cause lung cancer.

Our radon testing specialists are always here to examine the radon levels in your house at any time. They know how to use modern technology and have the necessary abilities to thoroughly inspect and detect radon levels with precision and accuracy.  All of our inspectors get specialized training to be qualified to conduct reliable radon tests in real life. They have a great deal of experience that allows them to perform such difficult tasks flawlessly.

Purify the Air to Ensure a Healthy Lifestyle

The best way to deal with radon is to get it tested. If the results reveal high levels of radon gas, get it fixed. This will help you purify the air surrounding you in your house.

Myths Can Be Dangerous

Myth 1: There is no proven correlation between lung cancer and radon.

This isn’t correct. As radon gas decomposes, particles stick to the alveoli, the lungs’ tiny air sacs, or in some cases the radon gas molecules attach to minute dust particles and go to the deepest region of the lungs. In either case, the energy they emit can damage cells inside the lungs and potentially lead to cancer.

Myth 2: There is no significantly high risk of lung cancer.

According to major scientific organizations, radon is responsible for about 12% of lung cancer cases in the United States each year. It is the second most common cause of Lung cancer. Due to the synergistic effects of radon and smoking, the increase in risk among smokers is substantial. According to the EPA, radon exposure increases the risk of lung cancer in smokers by eight to nine times when compared to nonsmokers.

Myth 3: Home testing kits give accurate results.

Many individuals believe that it is wise to use a home testing kit to check radon levels. However, the truth is that such kits are seldom precise, and they may keep you from realizing the truth. Only a radon test conducted by a professional inspector can reliably determine radon levels. Our experts are trained to determine radon levels with precision and are always available to assist you with everything you need to make sure you are not breathing contaminated air.

Myth #4: It is impossible to cut the levels of radon in your home.

No. The procedure, known as radon mitigation is quite useful to reduce radon levels. Rather than attempting to completely seal the house against radon, the most common way involves diverting radon gas from beneath the basement floor via a pipe to the outside. The pipe either passes through the roof just like a chimney or through a wall to a vent. The radon gas evaporates once outside and is no longer a danger.

Myth #5: Radon is just a concern in some specific areas.

Radon Testing Albuquerque should be done at least once a year, regardless of where your home is located. Just as humans require routine medical examinations, a home requires radon inspection and mitigation on an annual basis. Radon levels steadily increase over time. We are sure you wouldn’t want to breathe in a poisoned environment.

Are There Any Radon Levels That Are Safe?

The action level was set at 4.0pCi/L by the Environmental protection agency (EPA). It is recommended to install a radon-reduction(mitigation) system if the radon levels turn out to be higher than 4.0 pCi/L to reduce exposure. However, the World Health Organization recommends establishing a 2.7pCi/L action level. Unfortunately, even 2.0 pCi/L  is hundreds of times more than what is permitted for carcinogens in the food. We should reduce radon levels as much as we can at all costs. Hire our services at low costs to learn to true levels of radon gas inside your house. 

Let’s Stay Healthy and Safe at Affordable Rates

Our inspectors use specific equipment and contemporary technology to test the levels of radon during a radon inspection. We can determine whether or not you have a problem and the severity of the problem. If you live in an area with an active housing market, your inspection costs may increase. Contact multiple professionals in your region to get the best pricing and top-quality services. If you live in a remote place, the inspector might add the cost of transportation to the total amount of radon inspection. If you need a quote for Radon Inspection Albuquerque, contact us right away.

High Levels of Radon? What’s Left To Do?

Although radon is a health risk, the good news is that it can be eliminated from your house. So, do not panic right after seeing the results. If your home’s inspection report shows that it has high levels of radon, the next step is to get a radon mitigation system installed inside your house. Once you have a fully functioning radon mitigation system, your home will once again become a healthy haven for you and your family.

We Guarantee Excellence, Precision, and Quality Assurance

Our radon inspectors are well-known in Albuquerque and Santa Fe for offering world-class radon testing services. All of our findings are always 100% accurate and highly reliable. You can rest assured that if you hire our services, you will only see excellence, efficiency, and professionalism. Once you have our radon inspectors on your side nothing can stop you from receiving the greatest radon testing services.

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Beyond Inspections Service Inspections offers the most precise and detailed Radon Testing Santa Fe NM. We provide outstanding customer service to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the inspection process. Over the last few years, we’ve received so many great reviews from our clients. Our inspectors go to great lengths to ensure that your home is the healthiest and safest location on the planet.

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