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New Construction Inspection

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We understand how tempting it is to buy or move into a freshly constructed home right away, but this is not a good option. It is preferable not to rush and to undergo a new building inspection to determine whether the house is safe to live in. Many individuals believe that a house must be in good shape only because it was built recently. That is not the case, and quick decisions might have long-term consequences. Experts recommend doing a new building check to ensure there are no hidden problems or security risks. Previously, code enforcement authorities were in charge of these inspections, but today it is completely the responsibility of the homeowner and the buyers to order a home inspection before making any hasty decisions.

Clients can rely on Beyond Inspections Service Inspections if they want to get the best New Construction Home Inspection Albuquerque. Our home inspectors are skilled and highly trained to uncover hidden flaws such as defective electrical wiring, improper installations, and other potential hazards and risks.

Common Problems Found in New Homes

Construction errors are common, and many homeowners find it difficult to deal with them and we do not blame them for it. It is really hard to think about repairs and replacement after spending such a huge sum on construction alone. However, a home inspection protects your investment. The following are some of the most common errors that an inspector may encounter.

Faulty Foundation

Your new house may have a cracked foundation, walls, or chimneys, which can be upsetting. 

Bad Quality Wood

Many times home inspectors find the use of bad quality wood that only makes things worse by weakening the structure for the house. 

Loose Roof Shingles

Sometimes contractors do not fix the roof shingles appropriately which leads to loose shingles and missing pieces. 

Poor Roof Drainage System

The roof drainage system keeps the roof lightweight and dry. Home inspections often find poor roof drainage systems which can cause water leaks and roof damage.

Uneven Floors and Walls

Many new houses have uneven walls and floors that indicate foundational defects and poor structural design. They can also occur due to soil movement and excessive moisture. 

Malfunctioning Ventilation System

The ventilation system is quite necessary to keep the house comfortable and safe for the residents. Poor ventilation can cause headaches, asthma, fatigue, and many other diseases. It is usually an issue in new homes.

Poor Insulation

Many times, home construction contractors install insulation quite poorly which leads to air leaks and many other problems in the future. Inadequate insulation causes an increase in utility bills. 

A Standard New Construction Inspection

Just because the house is new, doesn’t mean it is perfect. There can be many different flaws, defects, and damages that can lead to multiple costly problems in the future. Beyond Inspections Service home inspectors perform in-depth and efficient new construction inspections which include the following areas:

The number of services involved in an inspection process also depends upon the client’s specific requirements. The client may ask for additional services like mold inspection sewer scope, radon testing, and pest inspection just to be 100 percent sure that the house is in a good condition. 

Charges for New Construction Inspection

People often wonder about the cost of new construction inspections. There is no fixed cost when it
comes to home inspections. The cost is determined while keeping in mind the location and size of the

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We are Reliable

Our inspectors leave no stone unturned when it comes to conducting a thorough New Construction Home Inspection Santa Fe. They use specialized equipment, years of experience, and training to their advantage in order to perform the best new construction home inspection services.

We Provide Warranties

We do whatever it takes to make our customers happy. We provide warranties for all our services to make sure you stay happy and satisfied.

We are Certified

We realize that certifications are important proof of one’s abilities. Our home inspectors have certifications from ASHI, InterNachi, CRT, and AHIT.

We Provide Detailed Reports

When it comes to delivering the final information to the client, no one can beat the quality of our inspection reports. They are very detailed, comprehensive, and easy to understand for all clients. 

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We know how important buying a new property can be and we do everything we can to make sure you are aware of the true condition of the property you are going to buy. Many different factors set us apart from our competitors. 

  • Accuracy: We make sure that you get the most accurate and precise results in the form of a well-organized and detailed home inspection report.
  • Reliability: We know how to gain the trust of our clients by providing the most excellent and reliable home inspection services. 
  • Accountability: Beyond Inspections Service ensures accountability and proper quality assurance to make sure you stay 100% satisfied with our services. 
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