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Mold Inspections

Because Testing Comes Before Good Riddance

Are you concerned that your home may have mold? Beyond Inspections Service Inspection can help you relax by providing detailed and reliable mold inspection services in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Our home inspectors will look for evidence of mold or water damage in your home. If necessary, they will collect samples to determine whether the mold is present or not.

Mold Can Ruin Your Health!

Mold produces microscopic spores that can quickly spread throughout the house, causing a variety of illnesses such as asthma attacks, respiratory problems, and allergies. Mold can emit up to 5,00,000 spores into the air. Mold spores are easily dispersed by air currents and HVAC systems. They cross-contaminate the building at such a rapid rate that a mold problem in one room can soon spread throughout the entire structure. By conducting a full Mold Inspection Albuquerque, our expert mold inspectors can aid you in finding the cause of mold growth in your home or commercial property.

When Should You Order a Mold Inspection Service?

In any of the following conditions, you should contact our mold inspection services right away:

Paying for a Mold Inspection

The cost of mold inspection varies depending on a variety of factors, including the size of the residence, the degree of invasiveness, and the sort of tests the client requires. Bulk testing and culturing, for example, are much more expensive than simple swab or tape tests. Furthermore, larger residences necessitate more time and effort for mold inspection than smaller ones. The cost of a mold inspection Santa Fe can also rise if the inspector has to use more invasive methods, such as opening up walls or going under the crawl space.

Is It Okay to look for Mold using Home Mold Testing Kit?

Many people believe that using a home testing kit rather than hiring a professional is acceptable. However, such kits do not produce trustworthy results, therefore it is not a smart idea. Mold spores are everywhere, thus it’s likely that they’ll infect the testing container during the process. This is why, in the great majority of situations, all home radon testing kits yield equivocal results. This is why hiring expert mold inspectors to conduct an independent mold inspection is the best choice.

False Rumors

Mold Only Grows in Dirty Environments.

Many people seem to believe that mold only grows in old, filthy buildings, but this is not the case. Excess moisture leads to the growth of mold. Most of the time, concealed leaks, water damage, or insufficient ventilation are to blame.

Mold emits a musty odor at all times.

Mold doesn’t always have a musty smell that you can detect. So, even if you can’t smell mold, you shouldn’t dismiss the possibility of its existence. The majority of the time, the residents are completely unaware of the presence of mold. They continue to breathe it in, resulting in a variety of major health problems.

Why Hire Beyond Inspections Service for Mold Inspections?


We provide warranties with every inspection. Whether you want radon testing or mold inspection you will get a warranty. You can claim the warranty when needed without any hesitation.


Beyond Inspections Service Home Inspections provides unbiased and trustworthy mold inspection reports to all clients.

Fast & Effortless

Our knowledgeable mold inspectors can do the work quickly and efficiently. Our skilled mold inspectors can inspect the residence in less time. They know how to tackle everything without causing any inconvenience to the homeowner.

Best Results

To deliver the most accurate results to our clients, our home inspectors conduct a thorough and comprehensive inspection using their top-of-the-line house inspection expertise. Our inspectors have years of experience and training. It allows them to carry out a detailed and reliable Mold Testing Albuquerque.


We understand how frustrating it can be for a client to pay huge fees for little tasks. We make certain that our clients are not subjected to this. All of our services are reasonably priced. Contact us to get a quote.


Certifications and expertise count a lot when it comes to performing thorough and credible home inspections, regardless of what anyone says. Our home inspectors are all trained professionals with extensive training and experience in the field.

Need More Details? No Problem

You can contact us right away if you have a query or are unsure about something. We are eager to answer any questions you may have about our services or the home inspection business. You can contact us by phone at (505) 780-8132 or by filling out the form on this page.

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